Sunday, July 25, 2010

July Road Trip To Texas - Driving To Las Cruces

Ok so after my scene With I jumped into the car with Eric and my pups (my Bassett Hounds - Kona and Hilo) and headed to Austin, TX.

First we stopped to get new tires! Gotta make sure the car is maintained!

And then I slept thru most of California mainly because I always drive thru Arizona! And here are a few pictures of me driving! :)

Oh and by the way the speed zones in Arizona suck!!! And there was a ton of work zones on this trip :(

And here is a pic of me and Hilo at one of the it stops we made!

I drove for most of the night and part of the am and then we arrived at our first stop - Las Cruces New Mexico and another amazing day of Warped Tour 2010!!

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