Thursday, July 8, 2010

Working for

The next day I spent picking up my feature costumes and packing for my road trip. First stop Las Cruces for another exciting day of Warped Tour then Austin For my very first ever hometown feature performance! I was excited, nervous and ecstatic not only because of the road trip but also because I was scheduled to shoot for Glenn King … and you know what that means!?! MEANBITCHES.COM

So the next morning I got up early, showered and headed to the Valley eager to put my big ass on Jack Vegas’ face for YAY!!!

When I got to set I had an awesome surprise!!! I get to be a Cheerleader! Yay this is particularly exciting to me because I never get to play that roll! There are not too many cheerleaders with a full sleeve tattoo! (I personally think it’s sexy as hell!!)

So I got into the make-up chair and Lisa Sloane painted me up and curled my hair! She did a classic look including cat eyes and Marylin hair! And we topped it off with super glossy bubble gum pink lips! Yup I looked like a cheerleader alright!! A Sexy, Naughty Cheerleader who love love LOVES to have her ass kissed, licked and totally worshiped!

And the scene scenario was a perfect fit for this time of year!! World Cup Soccer Finals! Jack was a big time soccer star and I am a manipulative cheerleader! Great fit and it was hot!!!

I can’t wait for this scene to hit!!

I had sooooo much fun working for Glenn and creating this awesome fantasy for all of you!!!

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