Friday, August 13, 2010

blogging away!!

Ok guys I'm all caught up with my last couple of weeks blogs! I promise now that I will continue to update at least 2 times a week!

and here are a few pictures of me blogging tonight!!!! Muah! Good night everyone!!

ROADTRIP to Exxxtacy Chicago with Pornstar Tweet aka Angel and Coco go to White Castle Day 10 7-22-10 Home at last

When we woke up the next morning it was a lil cloudy! We packed up the car and headed back to cali!!

Here is the Austin skyline!

It was cloudy in Austin but as we got out of the city the clouds went away and it became a beautiful day!

But it didn't stay pretty! Soon we drove into storms right outside of El Passo.

Not much happened we drove lol we didn't have any more cool stops mostly cause we took back roads!

But here is a picture of me at the end of our journey!!

Thank you all soooooo much for following me and Coco on twitter and keeping us company! and for those of you who are just now reading about it here thank you! I hope you enjoyed our trip! I know we did!!!!!

ROADTRIP to Exxxtacy Chicago with Pornstar Tweet aka Angel and Coco go to White Castle Day 9 7-21-10 D-Day oh and Dancing at Rockstars

So my main reason for going to visit my family on this trip was to inform them what I do! aka Pornstar!!

I have to tell you : I tell my mom everything! She is and always will be my best friend but telling her that I preform sexual acts on film for money was something that I couldn't put into words!

But I did it! I came right out and said "you know how I have been doing modeling for the last few years, ... well the last year some of it has been "adult" " I waited for a negative response but all she said was that she wanted me to be safe! I explained about all the testing and that I have a agent and stuff and she said that she still loved me as much as she ever did and that she is still proud of me and everything I do!!!

I Love my family! They are the reason I am who I am and I know that I can always count on them for anything!!

Well after that was done it was time for me to run to the hotel and get ready for another night of feature dancing in Austin Texas!!!

My (larger than life) poster in the front of Rockstar's Cabaret from last time!!! These guys love me and I love them!!!!

When I got to the club I was met by my Bestie!!!! I heart her sooooo much!!

Here are a few pictures of my first outfit!!! I love my new red furry boot covers!! I got em n Chicago!!

And here is me and Coco before her first feature! (her first one EVER) and she worked it! She was AMAZING!!!

Look who was reping Pornstar Tweet .... Yup it's Coco!!

And here is me right before I did my first dance!!! Making love to the camera and its all for you!!!

After Coco's dance and my dance we did a super sexy dance together!!! sexy sluty school girls!!!

And since we were on the road for Coco's Birthday I had them bring me a cake up on stage at the beginning of our set and I sang Happy Birthday to her along with the rest of the club! She was so happy and surprised I love her and I'm glad I could make her night!!!!

Coco eating her cake!!

And getting her Birthday spanking from my Bestie!!

I love Austin and what a great night!!!!

ROADTRIP to Exxxtacy Chicago with Pornstar Tweet aka Angel and Coco go to White Castle Day 8 7-20-10 Hello Texas

Made it to Texas and the first stop we made was Rudy's BBQ

And you can't have bbq without real Dr. Pepper!!!!

After that we went to Austin where I left Coco and Eric and went to visit my family for the next 2 days!

ROADTRIP to Exxxtacy Chicago with Pornstar Tweet aka Angel and Coco go to White Castle Driving Again Day 7 7-19-10 Headed to Texas

Alright we got up early hit up Dunkin Donuts and headed to drop Pete off at the airport.

Here is the trailer and us pulling away from the airport and here is a photo of the skyline as we left Chi-town!!

We spent most of the morning in traffic and the rest driving through rain!! We stopped for lunch at Steak and Shake and Tweetie wanted to get in the country spirit! lol

We drove all night and when we woke up magically we were in Texas! yay!!

ROADTRIP to Exxxtacy Chicago with Pornstar Tweet aka Angel and Coco go to White Castle Day 6 7-18-10 Convention Day 3

Day 3 of the convention

Here is me right as I got to the convention hall!!

I spent a lot of the day tweeting and doing crazy video with

We had a ton of friends stop by! from left to right top row Pete (from Pornstar Tweet) Eric (from AFM Agency) bottom row Lupe Fuentes, Evan Sienfield, Angel Vain and Steve (from AVN)

To In The Shirt aka TITS was in the booth next to us! They came over and gave me a new shirt maybe some day there will be an Angel Vain tits shirt!!!!

I made a deal with all of my twitter followers that if I got 12,000 followers by the end of the convention I would do a live show on naughtytweetlive and ... i did it!! So I spent a good 15 min on cam sucking off my lolly!! ;)

And after the convention was over me and Coco had to wait for the boys to pack up so here are a pic of us waiting ... patiently I should add!!!

After we got all packed up we went in search of food!! The first 2 places we went were closed :( so we ended up at TGI Fridays which worked out perfect! Because it was Coco's birthday (well at midnight) and there was a pirate! lol I wish my phone had not died because then I would have a picture of said pirate but :( I don't!

ROADTRIP to Exxxtacy Chicago with Pornstar Tweet aka Angel and Coco go to White Castle Day 5 7-17-10 Convention Day 2

Day 2 of the convention
Here is me leaving the hotel!!

And just so those of you that weren't there didn't miss out on my ass .... here you go!!

The convention was sooooo much fun! lots of friends and fans!!

And of course there was the Pornstar Tweet Trailer! Wouldn't be a convention without it!

What a great day!!! I sold out all of my DVD's in 2 days!!! I'll know to bring more for next years convention! Man I LOVE you Chicago!!!!

It also wouldn't be a convention without my boobs against the window of the Pornstar Tweet Trailer!!

And that night we met Lexi Love and Howie for din din!
To get there of course Coco Velvett took a ride on our friend/driver Minus!!

And after din din ... it was drink time!!

And then it was bed time!!! Gotta get beauty sleep for the conventions!!!