Thursday, August 12, 2010

ROADTRIP to Exxxtacy Chicago with Pornstar Tweet aka Angel and Coco go to White Castle Day 3 7-15-10 Going out in Chi-town

Alright all the driving and craziness had lead us to Chi-town and we were ready for some fun!!!!

We met up with a good friend of mine Dennis aka Minus to show us around and be our driver during our stay in Chicago!

This is Minus ... he's always got an ... expression on his face!! lol

So we drove from one side of the city to the other looking for trouble to get into!

First we made a stop at the Pink Monkey but we didn't stay long ... then we saw the invisible man! (see below)

Then we drove some more finally we decided to get some drinks and have a hotel party! Sounds like fun right?!?!

Well when we stopped to buy drinks we started people watching! lol actually we were watching drunk girls and betting on which one would trip and fall first! hahahaha So as Eric went in to get alcohol we had our eye on this one girl who was outside yelling through the glass at her friends who were still inside! (see the thing is she was kicked out for being too drunk and her amazing friends made her wait while the finished their drinks) We all found this very amusing!! When Eric came out with the drinks we stayed to see the final outcome (can you blame us?!?!) When one of her friends came out to get a cab and get the drunk hot mess out of there she (the drunk girl) said something that none of us will EVER forget!!!! ... "I would rather masturbate over a homeless guy then get into a cab with you!!!" QUOTE OF THE CENTURY!!

After that we headed to Denny's to get some grub!!

Me and my coffee ... LOVE!!!

And this girl Coco Velvett I totally LOVE her!!! She has some of the best faces!!! :)

The night ended with a cozy bed ... me .... and a pillow fight with Coco ;)

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