Sunday, July 25, 2010

Austin Texas Rockstars Cabaret (day 2) 7-2-10

So I woke up to one of the world's (well at least the states) largest donuts!!

I went out to run some errands ...

... and was slowed way down by the rain!!

Got everything I needed to get done and got ready for my second night at Rockstars Cabaret!

And here is me at the club putting on my first outfit for the night!

I had alot of fun!! I even brought a fan up on stage and danced all over him as well as gave him a club shirt!! He was so cute he was afraid to get up on stage until a bouncer said it was ok! lol he thought he would get kicked out! :)

And here is me headed home again after 2 great shows at Rockstars Cabaret! AWESOME night!!!! oh and I hit up Taco Cabana on the way home!! One of my Austin stops!!! mmmmmmm for queso!!!

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