Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Who me!?!

Ok guys I’m going to try and do this blog thing on a daily basis …
but I make no promises.

I figured I would start at the beginning of my most resent road trip …
Well maybe I should give you a little detail about myself and my love to travel first! :)

I grew up an Army brat (and if any of you are familiar with military living you know we moved … A LOT!) so I was never in one place longer then a few years, with the exception of where I went to high school. (My parents wanted to make sure I got to start and end high school in the same place (very nice of them). Although, I’m sure if they had tried to move me I still would have stayed, but I digress.) We lived in Germany, Georgia, Central America (Panama to be exact) and finally ended up back in Texas. (Oh I was born in Texas, before all the traveling lol forgot to mention that!) And not only did we move/travel when ever my dad was transferred but every summer my brother and I were sent to stay with my grandparents. Who, if you hadn’t guessed it, liked to travel! So we would pack up in their camper and travel the United States all summer long. We would visit historical places as well as crazy touristy places. Just thinking about all the adventures I had as a child makes me … ahhh makes me very distracted from writing this blog! Ok back to it! So all my life I’ve traveled! Even when I went to college I moved from Texas to Illinois. And since I’ve been an adult (if that is what we are calling it) I have traveled. I lived in Illinois, then back to Austin Texas, Then Dallas Texas, Colorado and finally here in good old California! And betwixed and between all of that I have done countless road trips … just like the one I embarked on last Sunday July 27th.

I just realized that the 4 blogs I was going to sit down and write for you are somewhat connected so I am going to take this opportunity to section them out.

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