Sunday, July 25, 2010

First Feature Gig In My Home Town – Austin Texas Rockstars Cabaret 7-1-10

Soooooo we drove the rest of the way to Texas thru lots of rain and night middle-of-no-where-ness!! I slept most of the next day and that night was my first ever Feature show in my home-town of Austin, Texas!!!

Here is a pic of me about to head out to the club!

It was all rainy on the way to the club and here is a pic of me in my dressing room when we got to the club!

And my best friend in the whole wide world came to watch me dance!!

We stepped outside to smoke and I took a pic of my new boots! You like?!?!

The Black Market Syndicate and The Darlings came off of Warped Tour for a night to preform at Rockstars Cabaret with me! Those guys are AMAZING!!!! Thank you again soooooo much!!!

This is me listening to the bands and waiting my turn on stage!!

And here is my outfit for my first dance - Pirate!

And this is me after my 2nd Dance :) I love Austin the turn out ROCKED my socks!!! There were sooo many people here! I love you all!!!!

And here is me all done and headed to get some food!! I-HOP was where the after-party was!! You know how I love breakfast!!

And on the way home I had to stop at Round Rock Donuts!

That donut was for breakfast the next day FYI :)

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