Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vans Warped Tour - Day 3 - Ventura, CA - July 27, 2010

It started like any other day … (hahahaha I always wanted to write that) But no! Actually, this adventure started very different! I had spent the whole night playing dress up (sexy, nasty and oh so fun dress up) with the amazingly talented Dick! I was bitching about not having coffee (like the norm) and had very little sleep the night before (also normal, I have insomnia) but I was pumped up and uber excited about being surrounded by music! Talent excites me, inspires me, arouses me … and I was about to be engulfed in one of the most diverse and melodic forms of it! Vans Warped Tour!

It’s a small drive from the Valley to Ventura (so I slept in the car) and when we got there the air was already thick with excitement and you could feel the crowd’s anticipation for the bands to start! I left the house carrying only my ID (incase I wanted to drink) and my celly (so I could of course tweet, take photos and text all day). And that’s what I did! First we headed to hang out back stage and on stage with Andrew W. K.

While I was back there I ran into Brian Street Team from Burning Angel and also my friend Josh Stolo the owner of Old Shoe Records. He brought us over to check out his new band The Sparring. After those guys Face to Face rocked it out! Then The Riverboat Gamblers (Who by the way are from Denton Texas) jumped on stage … and off of the stage onto a platform … then into the crowd! I haven’t seen a stage dive in a long time! It was awesome!!

We headed over to check out Eyes Set to Kill :( I have to say they sound better on CD then live. I was very disappointed! Then we ran into my roommate Beto and all went to see Alkaline Trio who were amazing as always! After that we stopped by the Vans tent to say what’s up and they gave me some sunglasses to protect my pretty eyes ;) and we headed to see Mike at the Volcom tent lol and to make fun of Emmure. All their songs sound like they are saying different variations of the word BANANA!!! Seriously funny!! (oh and Mike gave me a new Volcom hat)

Warped Tour ended the sun went down, it got a little chilly, the fans all left and that’s when the real party began! The speakers were booming, the Sparring were grilling and everyone was relaxing! The party went til way after midnight fun times!!!

And then for the drive home! Or should I say nap home!! I love music, hanging out with friends and anything cooked on the grill! Awesome day!


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